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My name is Joshua Robbins and I am an attorney whose areas of practice primarily focus on Family Law and Criminal Defense although I do represent clients dealing with Landlord-Tenant disputes, Consumer Protection / 93(a) Litigation and Estate Planning issues.

I am a founding partner of Carter Clunan & Robbins LLC located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

It is my goal that this blog will provide readers with practical, everyday legal tips and suggestions as well as provide alerts to changes in the law. This blog is NOT intended NOR should it be construed as legal advice. Additionally, nothing in this blog is intended nor should it be construed as creating any form of attorney-client relationship. If you would like to speak to an attorney please call our office at 781-647-8100, visit our website at http://www.ccrlawgroup.com or email me at josh@ccrlawgroup.com.

Please feel free to provide me feedback and comments.

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